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Promotional Product - Chateau Laguiole® Giuseppe Vaccarini Waiter`s Corkscrew

Swag ID: 385142350
Mfg. Sku: 3231             
The most prestigious corkscrew in the world, this exquisite professional corkscrew line continues to grow in popularity. Each corkscrew is elegantly designed to include: a long forged knife blade, a smooth rounded boot lever and a long spiral. Each comes boxed in it`s own custom leather pouch. Each Chateau Laguiole® waiter`s corkscrew is meticulously handcrafted to perfection in Thiers, France. Giuseppe Vaccarini (Italian) winner of the Best Sommelier of the World A.S.I. 1978. Lemon wood handle. 4 1/2" L

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