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Promotional Product - 8000 mAh Power Bank Series with Grey Case and Duo Charging Cable

Swag ID: 515129895
Mfg. Sku: 14036-61             
UL-RECOGNIZED 8000 mAh power bank has the capacity to charge a completely dead cell phone up to 4 times! With a 2.0A output, this power bank will provide a high speed charge to any phone or tablet. Comes with a built in LED flashlight, battery life indicator, and the ability to charge two devices at once! As an added bonus, our luxurious ENGRAVED ultra suede travel case and Dynamic Duo Charging Cable comes standard with this power house. Complies with FCC, Prop 65, RoHS, UL. 1 3/8" L x 4.5" W x 7" H

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